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How I Use Virtual Assistants to Help Manage a Successful Realty Firm

I was talking to a friend in the residential real estate business the other day, and we got to talking about one another’s successes over the past few years. To my surprise, my friend Dave, who’s a great talker and excellent salesperson; who brands himself with business apparel from Jos. A. Bank when meeting with clients; had been averaging less than a hundred-thousand a year in what has been and still is, a strong seller’s market for residential housing here in Wilmington where my business is located. Too much work, not enough help “I just can’t keep up with all
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Virtual assistant for real estate investing

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant for your Investment Management

Have you considered hiring a VA to help you in managing your investments? If you haven’t, this article can show you how to hire one. Before we carry on deeper, let me start with a word of warning: Hiring a Virtual Assistant isn’t easy. It requires prep work, a detailed job description, and a professional interview process. You may have to hire a few bad apples before you find the golden-egg-laying-goose that you’re looking for. Follow this to-do list to get the best VA you can: Prep Work First Once you initiate the hiring process, you don’t want to be
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