Must Watch: The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind

Evaluating real estate investment

How to Evaluate a Real Estate Investment Opportunity

All new and existing property investors will agree with the fact that making the right choices is crucial if one wants to ensure a return on their investment. As a result, the question of how to evaluate a real estate investment opportunity is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to real estate. To which question, there is no straight answer as evaluating real estate accurately can be a tricky task as there is a large number of diverse factors that need to be considered. And while this may be the case with the majority of ventures, there
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Wealth cycles

Wealth Cycles: When Should I Invest in Precious Metals or Real Estate?

For the newbie investor, where to invest your money is a tough call. There’s more to investing than simply throwing your extra cash into something that looks good. So that means you need to consult an “expert” right? Get someone, like an investment advisor, with all the cold hard facts to tell you what to do with your kids’ college fund. Not always the best choice. Not all “experts” worth being called experts. There are some legitimate experts you need to follow: Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, and many other authoritative figures in wealth building. Even some people don’t like them
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Apartment for rent sign

Why You Need to Invest in Cash Flow Positive Real Estate

Ah, to own that crown prince of a property in the wealthiest part of town. That is the American dream isn’t it? Put up that massive chunk of cash you’ve been saving for the last ten years as a down payment, so you get the best mortgage rates, and dive right in right? That’s not why you’re here though. You want to achieve another part of the American dream. One where you’re financially secure, maybe with a Porsche or Lamborghini parked in the drive, and an Island in the South Pacific that you own outright. You’re an investor looking to
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Is house asset or liability?

Your House is Not an Asset – Seriously!

You heard that right, and hopefully this isn’t a shock to anyone who happened upon this article while browsing the Inter-webs looking for ways to use their most precious “liability” for collateral in an upcoming investment of some sort. Robert Kiyosaki taught America about this several years ago when he released “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. I’m going to keep this little life-lesson short and sweet. No fluffy stuff or complex equations to work with. When it comes right down to it, an asset is something that makes you money. See Here’s a quick question for you (yes or no):
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